Edition 1 in offset quality – never ceasing to amaze our customers

Individualized print products such as mails, self-mailers, promotional cards and customer cards form another production focus. Our high-quality digital print equipment offers fully individualized productions up to a 6-page DIN A4 that easily holds up to the quality of offset print. In our integrated lettershop we collaborate with a wide range of deliverers and, thus, we will always get your printed objects on the right track. Both as an exclusive means or as a supplement to classic advertising media.


From the first edition


Mails, promotional cards, self-mailers, customer cards


Comprehensive equipment in digital printing, sheet offset, personalization and inserting

Core competency:

The realization of highly individual print products which are enhanced, processed, shipped featuring an optimum price/performance ratio.

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Our services at a glance

Digital print up to 6-page brochure DIN A4

Personalization Inkjet

Personalization Laser

Inserting DIN long up to C4

Lamination up to DIN A4

Shipping via different service providers

This is why print advertising is alive: It is flexible

From a (multi-) million run in offset to the first edition in digital print, from mass medium to individual mail — print precisely addresses different target groups without major scattering losses.