Sattler Media Group processes up to 500 tons of paper daily.

The paper web rushes through the printing machines at a speed of over 50 km/h (15 m per second). The precondition for a perfect print is the optimal use of the basic colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


Up to multi-million print-runs


High-quality supplements, magazines, journals and catalogs


A large variety of formats and equipment

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Cutting-edge technology as the basis for perfect print products

By combining the machine parks of our sites, we are able to offer the highest degree of flexibility. The perfect networking both within and between the plants forms the basis for the highest degree of safety regarding product quality and life. Here, we keep a close eye on environment and data protection at all times.

From idea to dispatch - we offer you the complete full-service range.
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This is why print advertising is alive: You can feel it.

Print products are essential for brand and sales communication, because not only do they reach people, they can be physically felt. Advertisements you can actually touch draw attention, appeal emotionally and feel more relevant to the consumer. As the certified psychologist HANS-GEORG HÄUSEL says:

The brain switches to “stroll” mode, people are more relaxed and receive the contents more deeply.

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