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Most of the time, everything in our business needs to be done very quickly.
For this reason, you can directly find the right contact person for your request, as well as the telephone extension and e-mail address, here:

Your contact person at Sattler Premium Print (Premium Print Products)



Hendrik Struckmeier

Sales & Order Processing
Managing Director
Phone: +49-5734-921-136

Marco Dankert

Operations Manager
Authorized Officer
Phone: +49-5734-921-163

Thomas Thönelt

Sales Manager
Authorized Officer
Phone: +49-5734-921-165


Frank Berger

Axel Eickmeyer

Ralf König

Peter Stühlmeyer

Torsten Thiele

Project Management

Kerstin Berg

Key Account Projektmanagerin
Phone: +49-5734-921-343

Miriam Droege

Key Account Projektmanagerin
Phone: +49-5734-921-376

Frank Horstmeier

Key Account Projektmanager
Phone: +49-5734-921-375

Tanja Kracht

Key Account Projektmanagerin
Phone: +49-5734-921-410

Jennifer Röske

Key Account Projektmanagerin
Phone: +49-5734-921-326

Teresa Strangmann

Key Account Projektmanagerin
Phone: +49-5734-921-377

Frerk Wilken

Key Account Projektmanager
Phone: +49-5734-921-332

IT Projektmanagement & Marketing

Christian Haneke

Innovation & Solutions Manager
Phone: +49-5734 - 921-333

Malte Jaster

Lena Sitter